El Golfo Frozen Fish

El Golfo's modern trawlers fleet captures Gayi Hake (Merluccius gayi) south of the 36th parallel, as our primary resource. Year around, and on a daily basis, the fish is packed with ice at sea and kept iced during transportation, thus guaranteeing optimal quality fresh raw material.

The frozen fish plant, combining manual production lines with increased automation, has a monthly production capacity over 1,200 tons of finished products. These are packed either in our own packing or in designs provided by the client.

Product specifications, which are tailored to meet our client's needs, are certified by our own quality control department and by independent surveyors.

The plant has also been certified for its Quality Assurance Program based on HACCP.

El Golfo frozen products stand out for their white meat and firm texture.

These products are:

Controlled Portions * Interleaved Fillets
Defatted Fillet Blocks * IQF Fillets * Minced Blocks

Our frozen products reach the markets of Australia, Europe, the United States, and Brasil, among others.

Hake Fillets

Scientific name Merluccius gayi
Catching area Chilean waters between
parallels 36° and 40°
Season Year-round

Nutritional Information
(per 100g)
Calories 65
Fat 0.5g
Cholesterol 40mg
Protein 17g

ProductFreezingGeneral DescriptionPackingSize Grading
Skin-on Fillets
Boneless or bone-in fillets
2-4 / 4-6 oz
Skinless Fillets Deep or regularly skinned,
boneless or bone-in fillets
Skin-on Fillets Interleaved Boneless or bone-in fillets
3x6.25 kg
3x7 kg oz
Skinless Fillets Deep or regularly skinned,
boneless or bone-in fillets

Hake Blocks

ProductGeneral DescriptionPacking
Defatted Fishblock Deep skinned, boneless
or bone-in fillets
4x16.5 lb
Regular Fishblock Regularly skinned, boneless
or bone-in fillets
Mixed Block 70% fillets + 20% mince + 10% water
and binder*; or 80/10/10
Mince Block Skinless, boneless, mince flesh

* Sodium Tripoliphosphate of Johannesburg Gum

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