Telephone: 530-672-6565
Fax: 530-672-6442


ACS Trading Corporation follows United Nations International Trade Procedures for Sale of Goods. The following is a summary:
  1. Buyer submits a complete Letter of Intent with a Bank letter qualifying the buyer to purchase the quantity listed on the Letter of Intent and fax to ACS Trading Corp. at 530-672-6442 in the U.S.A.
  2. Pre Fee Agreement can be sent to ACS for signature.
  3. Seller/ACS will then issue a complete corporate offer.
  4. Buyer returns signed offer to seller.
  5. Seller then issues a contract with full banking.
  6. Buyer returns signed contract to seller.
  7. All Intermediary Commissions will be protected by Agent Fee Agreements.
  8. Buyer's Bank Officer contacts Seller's Bank Officer or vis a versa, by telephone to confirm readiness to proceed with the signed contracts. (optional)
  9. When the two bank officers confirm readiness, Seller's bank then KTT's buyer's bank to verify Funds readiness and to confirm proof of product (if applicable and optional) (Bank Comfort Letter).
  10. After confirmation of funds and product, Buyer's bank opens Non-Operative or Pre-advise Letter of Credit.
  11. Seller's bank activates Letter of Credit by posting a 2%Performance Bond in favor of buyer. (Only applicable to shiploads of soybeans, sunflower seeds and sugar) Not applicable to sales of other commodities, frozen seafood,canned seafood or food supplements.
  12. Shipments commence as per contract.
  13. Seller usually pays for Inspection at loading port.
  14. Buyer should have all documentation checked or verified by a reputable Freight Forwarder.

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